Bootcamp Start Stats

I got a little side tracked in the last few days but I finally got my starting stats for my 4 week bootcamp of Jillian Michaels DVDs.


There are 5 DVDs, I plan to do one every day of the week giving myself the weekends for running or other activities like roller blading now that it’s nice weather. I also want to go paddle boarding and kayaking!

I’m going to be starting on Monday because I will be out of town this weekend for my friends graduation. But I’m ready to post my start stats including a picture of my in a bikini. Yikes!

Start of 4 week bootcamp stats:
Weight: 198.8
Height: 5’7
Jeans size: 8
Mile time: 8:07
# of pushups: 5
Hips: 40 inches
Smallest part of torso: 36.5 inches
Around thighs together: 38 inches

Before Photo


Goals: Tone up, 20 pushups, and decrease mile time by :30.

I’d like to lose inches but I have no idea what would be a goal for that so I’ll just wait and see what happens. Although I’m not specifically trying to lose weight I wanted to include that as a baseline anyway.

I’m totally ready for this challenge! I really hope to see some results! :)


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