A Few Confessions

Ok, well I have a few confessions to make.

Today makes the official third day of my bootcamp, except I skipped Monday. But who can blame me, this cutie stayed over with Auntie Erin!


My beautiful niece, Evelynn! I don’t get to see her too often so I cherish every moment! We had a great evening together and even took Kia for a walk.


So then I started my bootcamp on Tuesday with The 20 Day Shred level one. It was awesome! Today I did the Shred With Weights DVD, again awesome! Love it. Looking forward to results!

Confession number 2: I’ve been super slacking on drinking water. Barely any. But I picked it up today. Glass after glass my water consumption is back on track.

Confession number 3: I haven’t been eating produce. At all. No fruit or veggies. Again today back on track.

In fact here is what I ate today!

Banana bread oatmeal! Bananas, walnuts, cinnamon, milk, little bit of brown sugar. Delicious!


Apple and candy walnut salad with cherry balsamic dressing. It was so good. Just wish it had more nuts!


For dinner I made this yummy sweet potato hash I found on fitsugar! I had it with a small chicken breast I grilled on out George Foreman grill!

And for dessert I’m going to broil a pink grapefruit with a little bit of brown sugar.

Take that lack of plant based vegetables lately! Ha!


2 thoughts on “A Few Confessions

  1. ashesm

    Part of living a fulfilling and balanced life is knowing when to push the pause button and enjoy yourself, live in the moment. :) Glad you got to see your niece.

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