One Day At A Time

I’ve been MIA lately, because I’m still struggling some with losing my job. It was a huge blow to myself esteem and left my lazier than a bump on a log.

Last week was supposed to be week one of my self imposed bootcamp but I only managed to get in three of the five workouts. Although that’s better than none, it’s not what I want. I want 5 days a week. Tough workouts,that WILL change my body.

So I’m starting week one over, I did in fact do my Monday workout. Jillian Michaels Trouble Zones DVD. This is a full body workout and I’m totally feeling it today. I also took Kia for a run/ walk. We ran a mile then walked home. It probably would have been easier if I had run then did the DVD because my legs were tired from the absurd amount of squats and lunges!

Starting yesterday I am dedicating myself to being the epitome of health for today. Here’s the idea…my only goal for the day is to be the healthiest I can possibly be. I’m not worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. Only today. I’m drinking as much water as possible, measuring my foods, walking to the store if I need to go, taking Kia for a walk, eating healthy stuff.

Only two days in I can say its working. I just tell myself, hey you can have that sugary white chocolate mocha tomorrow. If Garth Brooks, has taught us one thing it’s that tomorrow never comes.

I’m working on being me. The happy me that knows she can do anything. For me that’s cleaning my house, doing some craft projects, eating right and working out. I honestly think I will not be able to find a decent job if I’m not in a good healthy place mentally. How can I sell myself in an interview when right now I don’t believe in me? It’s slow going, I only do a few house cleaning things most days, but I’m getting there. I always pull out of this low points so I know I can do it again. I’m starting to feel like me. And I am so blessed to be in a position where I can take the time I need.

Thanks for reading. I’m so grateful for you guys, strangers and friends alike.


2 thoughts on “One Day At A Time

  1. ro

    Erin, I am sorry about your job. You are right though, 3 is waaaaay better than none. I am glad you are here still writing, I don’t get by as often as I should but I enjoy seeing you on MFP too! Keep your chin up and sell yourself because you rock! Keep on moving because youu can. And never, ever give up on the blessing that is YOU!

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