Bootcamp Schedule

Here’s what my bootcamp schedule looks like.

Monday’s: Trouble Zones DVD. This is a one hour full body workout that focuses on abs, arms, and booty using hand weights. It’s very tough but very effective! I was definitely sore the next day.

Tuesday: 30 Day Shred. A 20 minute work out made up of circuits for a full body workout again. Again using hand weights, this is quick workout but fast paced to keep the heart rate up. It has three levels to pick from, this week I did level one and two for extra ompf!

Wednesday: Shred With Weights. The name is strange since the “other” shred also uses weights but this one uses a kettle bell for all the moves. I love it. Probably my favorite of all the DVDs. Another short workout but extremely fast paced to give a good cardio workout but using the kettle bell as resistance. It seems to go by fast but it’s exhausting. There are two levels to chose from and level two is rough! It includes push ups on the kettle bell.

Thursdays: Yoga Meltdown. Don’t let the word yoga fool you, this is a full body cardio workout with yoga poses. It tough, for a long time I couldn’t even do all of level one. It’s a really great workout using only body weight!

Fridays: Cardio Blast aka Pure Torture! This is one hour of cardio intervals. Think jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, skaters, jump rope and kickboxing moves. I do enjoy the kickboxing moves though!

So there you have it! If you were going to pick up one of these DVDs I would recommend the 30 day shred. I think it would be the most effective used on its own. But all of them a fantastic workout videos. I’m not a huge fan of Jillian, I do like her but she gets annoying after a while, but the way she puts these videos together is perfect for anyone who wants to get their butt kicked. I always sweat a ton and feel freaking amazing afterwards!

I’ve also been running each and everyday to help with some extra calories burn. I’m going to try going for a longer run today than I have the rest of the days. I’m planning 4 miles but Kia can’t go that long so I think I will do a one mile loop, drop her off and then do three more. The last two days I’ve been running then do my video but today I think I will do the video then run that way it can cool off before I head out.


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