Weekly-Wrap Up, Resolutions Revisited, and Changes.

What a mouthful! I have a few topics I wanted to touch on today, seems like one big post will be better than a few smaller ones. So lets start at the top!

Weekly Wrap Up
The first week of my “bootcamp” went very well. I was seriously sore all week. And I can’t say I missed it over the weekend either! On Friday instead of my usual run, I switched it for a long walk with Kia, it was nice to give myself that little break. I didn’t get any real workouts in during the weekend but I don’t feel bad about that at all.

This week should be fairly easy with the exception of today. This morning I am working for my mother in law and right after that I’m picking up my niece and nephew to stay the night with me. I foresee it it being rather difficult to get in a workout while babysitting a 1 year old and a 3 year old, but I’m hopefully it can be done!

2012 Bucketlist Revisited
I figure since its now July and half the year is done I should check in on my Bucket list and see how things are going.

2012 Bucket List

1. Wear a bikini
2. Lose 15 lbs. 25 lbs. 35 lbs.
3. Get my passport
4. Wear size 8 jeans.
5. Finish a triathlon!
6. Get a pedicure
7.Go kayaking.
8. Take a yoga class.
9. Plant a garden that actually produces something
10. Say yes more often.
11. Blog 52 times for my Project 52
12. Learn to love myself.

Out of 10 things that can be crossed off, I’ve done 6! That’s great! One on them, number 11, I already bailed on. So that’s off the list. Looks like things are going quite well, there are two things crossed off that I still need to blog about so that will happen soon!

I’ve spoken before about how I want to write about more than weight loss. I had so man other interests but I let my body issues control me most of the time. So I’ve come up with a little schedule to help me write about other things. Its not a big deal but I think it will help me to also get over my body image problems to talk about other things.

So there you have it! I’ll start with my first post of my new schedule later today, if I can manage it while babysitting!

Have a lovely Monday!