Still Alive

Hello friends.

Its been too long since I last posted and to be honest I’m ashamed. I’d like to say that I’ve been busy but the truth is I’ve been lazy.

I can’t coherently process my thoughts so I think bullet points will be the best way to lay everything out there.

•My weight has crept up, this morning it was 202.8. In that last few weeks I have seen this number and it always goes back down to 198 but for some reason this feels different, like maybe I really did gain it back. I feel gross, I was doing so good at this body issue crap but now its like I took a step backwards.

•I quit doing my bootcamp style workouts. I don’t know why, I’ve just been lazy. In fact the only workout I’ve done is yesterday I took Kia rollerblading for maybe 15 minutes. That’s as long as I can go. For some reason my ankles seem to give out and I can’t keep my legs straight. I don’t understand it. Any ideas why this happens?

•Poor Kia is really suffering from the lack or exercise. She has been so naughty…peeing in the house, getting in the trash, chewing all my undies even my swimsuit!! I’ve committed to giving her a 45-minute walk or run every evening and Blake will do the mornings.

•I’ve been eating so poorly. The truth is we haven’t really had money to buy groceries. We’ve been eating hotdogs because they are cheap. We have some fresh stuff but I just can’t seem to bring myself to eat it. I have no taste for salad right now.

•I’ve convinced Blake to do the Clean Eating diet with me. It will be a lot easier to eat the right way when he is doing it too. We will be starting on Sunday. I don’t seem this as a diet really, it’s just a different eating style. I will post the rules later.

•We are finally ordering the last thing we need to fix my computer tomorrow! This will make it 500 times easier to blog! I really want to start blogging about more things and it’s a lot harder to add photos and links when doing it all from my iPhone.

•I’m finally over getting fired… I mean let go. I’m ready to look for a new job. But I don’t know if I want a full time job or should I just add a second part time? I feel like I will be letting my mother in law down if I quit the coffee stand. I love my job but its a 30-minute commute and I work only 15 hours a week. I’d love your advice!

•Lastly, one of my best friends (Hi, Tara!!) had her baby yesterday!! I’m so happy for her! Another beautiful baby girl! I can’t wait to see baby and Mama! I’ve seriously got baby fever now! :)


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  1. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    hi! i’ve been away for a little while (not physically, from the blog lol) and I’m going back and catching up on your stuff. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling a little down about several things… I’ve been really lazy too and my weight has also crept up… i was reading this and just like, nodding my head. I’m sorry you’re finding difficulty in physically running. I had a friend who ran a ton and lost weight doing it, and then got injured (shin splints) and was completely out. It was really hard to watch :/ i hope its nothing like that.. i hope it gets better!! but, yay for clean eating! can’t wait to hear how that goes

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