Clean Eating Guidelines

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve convinced my hubs to follow the clean eating diet with me. Clean eating is a way of eating that bodybuilders and athletes use for optimal performance. It’s basically a high protein diet.

Here’s the general idea, you eat six meals a day, each one has a serving of protein and fruits or vegetables, you can have complex carbs 2-4 servings a day. Nothing overly processed or refined sugars.

The way I see it, this basically how we should be eating in the first place. Mostly fresh products like meat and produce. Until we get the hang of things, Blake and I will pretty much be eating the same things every day. I’m planning on buying enough groceries to last 3-4 days so that nothing has time to go bad.

We are also going to take things slow, the clean eating diet doesn’t allow coffee with cream and sugar or sweetener in tea. That will be an adjustment for both of us. Plus we have to plan ahead a lot. I will have to pack Blake’s meals everyday so he can take them to work with him.

Overall I think it will be pretty easy. I’m looking forward to doing it with Blake. It’s nice to have a partner doing this kind of thing with you. We start tomorrow and I’m planning on doing a picture log of what I eat to give you an idea of what we will be eating everyday.