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Today I’m pissed off. My official weigh in for yesterday was 203.2 ( I started my blog post about it, but was interrupted), this morning I was up to 204. By my calculations I ate about 1300 calories yesterday, there is no reason for me to be gaining weight right now. I admit on Sunday I had a banana split and didn’t record it, and on Wednesday I had some Mac n cheese and a few Doritos as a late night snack. Not healthy I know but I had been up for nearly 20 hours and I was hungry. I did not eat 10,500 extra calories, no way.

This morning I was so mad, that I decided to say screw it and eat what I want, either way I gain weight. So I made myself a half sugar free mocha, and wallowed in my self pity.

Then I remembered this idea that I had yesterday.

Somewhere I saw one of those inspirational quotes that said something about loving your body at every weight. Losing weight won’t me a better person, or better wife, it won’t magically give me an amazing job, or more money. It’s only going to make me smaller. (well and healthier, but according to my doctors I am healthy now)

So today I am going to list the things that I love about my body at my current size.

I have beautiful blue eyes, that look like marbles when they sparkle in the sunlight. And Somedays, like today, they look green.

I have strong, muscular legs that have carried me through many miles of running including my first 12k, and a triathlon in the last 7 months.

I have a strong, normal sized heart, that pumps blood through my whole body. And allows me to love deeply and unconditionally.

I have a nice and perky tush.

I have a contagious smile that always gets me complements.

I have collar bones that show. I can feel my hip bones.

So there you have it, a few things that I love about my body despite being 25lbs overweight. I encourage you to make a list as well, especially if you ate feeling slightly discouraged. It really helps to bring up your mood, and you will see, it’s not all about weight loss.




5 thoughts on “Learn To Love Yourself

  1. trikatykid

    If you need help getting down to your goal weight, I’d be happy to share with you what I’ve been doing. It’s very simple, retrains your body to eat more frequent, smaller meals, gives you all the nutrients your body needs, takes away the clutter of “what to eat?” .. all the while producing success rather than frustration! Ever heard of Take Shape for Life? http://www.trikatykid.tsfl.com (my personal Take Shape for Life website). Just a option – it’s not for everyone, but it can work for just about anyone!

  2. trikatykid

    In response to my previous post – I am a Health Coach as well as a participant in the weight loss program myself .. it’s working for me as it works for all of my clients as well!

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Thanks Katy for the offer. I’ve thought about it a lot and to be honest, I just don’t think I would actually stick to the program. I have actually heard of the program before because I did some promotional printing for a coach once, it seems like a really great program. If I change my mind, I will definitely let you know!

      1. trikatykid

        You definitely do not want to do the program if you’re not ready for it! and if you ever change your mind, you know how to find me!

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