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Although I’ve gotten a lot better, I’m not typically an adventurous eater. I’m the type of person who can eat the same thing every single day and be completely happy about it. Over the last few years I’ve definitely started to branch out more and more. Four years ago, I didn’t eat any seafood, drink coffee, I’d never tried tofu or soy-anything. But slowly I’ve tried new things, I love sushi and seafood, I’ve tried things like eel, octopus, and other chewy fishy things.

However, one area where I failed to branch out is ethnic food. I’ve never been to an Indian restaurant or Greek, probably the only place I have been would be Mexican places but around here there are more taco shops than…..Starbucks.

I don’t have the option of going to Indian place in my town so I did the next best thing, I followed a recipe.
Last week, I made Tandoori Chicken and it was delicious! And so easy. Like easier than easy.

I found this recipe using the Food Network’s iPhone app, under the Light Fare section. I paired it with white rice and oven roasted cauliflower(the only way to eat cauliflower in my opinion, just toss florets with olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze from a lemon or lime). And it was low in calories at only 240 a serving (chicken only)!  Tonight I think I’m going to try Vegetable Curry and  Couscous!

Tandoori Chicken (courtesy of Food Network Magazine)

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  1. Fitness PhoenixX

    Ahh! I love Indian food! But so intimidated to do it at home… and to make it healthy! (Yikes! All that Ghee…) I will definitely be trying this! :) Thanks for posting!

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