Last Night’s Dinner

I’m getting really excited about cooking right now. I’m planning on doing a new recipe every day this week. I’m really excited to share tonight’s dinner with you tomorrow…..but first comes yesterday.
After my first try with Indian cuisine, I really wanted to try another dish, so I started searching one of my favorites sites for recipes, Eat Better America. If you haven’t checked out that site yet, you need to! They have tons and tons of recipes that have been “heathified”, I’ve tried a bunch of them and none have failed me yet.


So last night, I tried Vegetable Curry with Couscous but I had to make some changes. This recipe requires chutney and well I couldn’t find any. I didn’t even know what it was until I googled it! So I omitted it, along with the raisins, because I don’t like raisins. I’m sure that made my dish a little less Indian, but I’m not stressing about it. It was still delicious. It was easy and something I can see my self making when I’m in a hurry. And I had enough leftovers to have for lunch today.

Check back tomorrow for tonight’s new dinner recipe!


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