Time To Weigh In

Right now, I’d like to throw a party for myself. To celebrate my consistency and dedication! In two weeks, I’ve lost almost 5 lbs! From April to June, I only lost 4 lbs. The clean slate is exactly what I needed.

This morning I weighed in at 199.4, I’m now within one pound of my lowest weight this year. Even though I’ve only lost the weight I gained over the last few weeks, I still feel really good about the loss. Especially since I didn’t really do well over the weekend.

For a while I was really feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore. Maybe it was impossible to for me to lose more weight. But now I feel totally rejuvenated. I know I can do it. Of course it’s hard sometimes but as long as I’m constantly trying, I can do it.



2 thoughts on “Time To Weigh In

  1. Bella

    Good for you!! I’ve learned the same lesson this summer. Funny how commitment and consistency work, huh?! Have an awesome weekend.

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