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em>I thought it would be nice to start a “Weekly Wrap Up” post every Sunday to capture how the week went with healthy eating and working out. It will also be an account of some of the things I did during the week that didn’t make it to the blog. This will be a great way to finish out the week and get ready for the next, especially because I think things are going to start getting busy around here.

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My focus was really on food this week. I tried 3 new recipes, I was shooting for 5 but I’m content with 3. I had so much fun cooking and planning my meals this week. I made vegetable curry, sausage and pepper kabobs, and stuffed turkey burgers. These three meals will definitely be repeats in my book. They were delicious and I’m proud to say I ate all the leftovers, which never happens.

My typical down fall is usually the weekend, this weekend I was 100% better than last weekend. Although I strayed from my typical super healthy meals, I was able to eat a little less. I didn’t gorge myself on the fattening unhealthy meals. Big. Improvement. But there is still lots of room for improvement.

Having fun planning and preparing my meals made it easy for me to stay under my calorie goal almost every day this week. I was under my goal of 1610 calories per day 5 out 7 days. I’m very happy with that, I’m looking for balance in my life not perfection so being over a day or two isn’t a problem especially when its balanced out through the rest of the week.

The picture about is from the Nike+ app. I purchased it a few months ago its really nice. I love seeing my stats. Sometimes I get a little discouraged by the pace but I have to remind myself that running with Kia makes things a little slower (she likes to stop and smell….rather pee on…the roses) so its not a big deal.

I also had a lot of fun with my workouts this week. I went for a run on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On Wednesday, I actually ran to and through the park (2.13), then on the way back stopped to run up and down a huge set of stairs and then walked home(1.54). It was a fun workout, I really felt like I gave it my all and the sunset was beautiful. My run on Saturday wasn’t very successful, I was dehydrated and tired, so I ended up taking a early break and then walking slowly home without track it on my app.

On Friday, I used two yoga DVDs at home. I loved them. I checked these babies out from the library but now I’m going to have to buy them. I did about an hour and half of yoga that night. Today, I spent the day shopping with mom, which meant nearly four hours of walking about the mall. I tracked it as two hours of slow pace walking, it was seriously exhausting, my calf is even sore.

I did pick up these cute shorts on sale for only $20. They are super stylish, not my typical style but I’m dying to be “stylish”. They are high waist, (I always buy low rise) super dark wash (always buy lighter) so dark that you can’t see the detail on the waist band. I’m in love.

Now I’m really wanting a Moto Jacket. I tried on few, like this one from Old Navy but I thought it was somewhat plain. I liked another one I saw at Dress Barn but it was brown and I think I want black. So I’m going to keep looking, I think I might get for a treat after I meet a weight loss goal, like maybe once I reach the 180s? Still deciding on that.

So that’s what this week looked like, I’m looking forward to this next week being just as successful especially on the scale, I’d love to lose another 5 lbs in two weeks but I would be happy with 2 (slow and steady). I’m hoping to get a bunch of stuff done at home this week but still keep a good workout schedule.

*I’d like to point out it was seriously hard to get the post done. First the internet browser crashed causing me to have to start over when I was nearly half way done. And then, I lost my connection to our wifi and had to wait forever for the computer to update so I could restart it!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    i love love love those shorts!! i would love to be more stylish as well… i’m the furthest thing from it. I usually am wearing scrubs or sweat shorts and a tee shirt. Terrible. I also find with recent weight gain not wanting to buy any new clothes as i dread buying a possibly bigger size.. isn’t that sad? uhg. oh well :)

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      I’m the same way! I wear jeans and a tee nearly every single day, with my hair in a messy bun. I hate it ! haha.And I’m the same way about buying clothes, if something is a size bigger than I want, I won’t buy it. But I’m starting to learn if you feel like better in your clothes it changes everything and I’m the only that actually sees the number on the tag! Maybe buying some new stylish clothes can make you feel better and give you a little extra push.

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