Weekend Rules

The weekends are always tough for me. I tend to eat more and move less. I find myself eating out a lot, usually at least once Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And when I’m at a delicious restaurant I don’t always pick the healthiest thing, I try but I still find myself eating french fries more than I care to admit, which sometimes leads to going over my calorie limit. I skip workouts, and don’t drink enough water. I’m a complete slacker on the weekends. I know I can have a good weekend, it’s going to take some work. I need to set myself some rules to follow over the weekend.

I don’t work on Fridays so I’ve included Friday in these rules. This weekend, I will be working on Saturday and on Sunday we will probably taking a short road trip, it will only be 1 day. With that in mind here are my rules for this weekend.

1. No french fries. Not even a few of Blake’s.

2. 5 blue cups of water minimum daily.

3. Workout at least once.

4. Plan meals for Friday and Saturday. Include all 3 meals plus one snack.

5. Stay below calorie limit every day.

6. Get prepared for next week. Meal ideas, workout schedule, and grocery shopping.


Following these rules will ensure that I’m successful at my next weigh in! This week I lost .8 lb, which is good but I want to do better next week!


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