Grocery Shopping & Exciting News

One of my rules for the weekend was to get prepared for next week, that meant going grocery shopping. Which meant planning what I was going to eat all week before I could go to the store.

Let’s start with the exciting news though. We are moving! We don’t know when yet, but Blake and I are moving to a bigger house. I’m really exciting because the new kitchen has a lot more space, there are tons of cabinets and drawers, so many more than my current kitchen. There is also a separate dining room and pantry. I’m really excited for my new kitchen because I hate having limited space, I hate that I have open shelves in my kitchen. I need to hide my junk! I’m also happy to have room for a pantry and stocking up on good stuff! I have a bunch of saved jars and I think it will be really fun to use those jars to hold bulk items. The bad news is that we have no idea when we will be moving.

Ok, back to meal planning and grocery shopping. This week I wanted to keep things easy. I found two new recipes that I wanted to try out. One for Asian Lettuce Wraps and the other is a Chicken and Asparagus skillet (found on the Better, Homes, and Gardens iPhone app). The wraps are made in the slow cooker which will be so easy! And I already have most of the ingredients. These two dishes make a total of 14 servings so I can eat them for lunch and dinner each day. Plus I picked up a butternut squash ravioli meal for a change of pace. For breakfast I decided I wanted to have waffles and smoothies.

So here’s what my grocery bill looked like:

Wild, Long and Brown Rice mix

Whole Wheat Pancake mix
2 Sobe Coconut Life Waters (for fun)
Asparagus (frozen)
Strawberry (frozen)
Peaches (frozen)
Plain Chobani
Boneless Chicken Thighs
Beef Roast
Green Onion

Grand Total: $62.28
(I wanted to get a few bags of frozen veggies, but I forgot which is kind of nice because the freezer is full!)

I thought I spent a lot more money so its nice to see the total I spent on meal just for me, because I did shop for both Blake and I but we don’t eat together most of the time. The total I spent was outrageous! But now that I calculated my total, it seems a lot better. I also got a few things I need to make this crusty bread recipe I found on pinterest.

My meal ideas for this week are:

Breakfasts: whole wheat waffles with peanut butter and bananas OR yogurt, fruit, and scoop of protein smoothie (340 cals OR 265 cals)
Lunch: Asian Lettuce Wrap with rice and carrot chips (340 cals)
Dinner: Chicken & Asparagus skillet (320 cals)
Snack: Grapes and coffee (300 cals)

This keeps my total daily calories at 1,308, so I think I can have a really fantastic week. I’m looking forward to really succeeding this week.
On a side note: I’m trying to get away from snacks, but I have some things like instant oatmeal or toast if I need it.


4 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping & Exciting News

  1. Bella

    Getting all of your food organized is going to be great for success this week. I know that cutting out snacks and eating more (400 calories) at each meal has really helped my weight loss. Just curious, how can grapes & coffee add up to 300? That’s a LOT of grapes. Lol.
    Good luck! (but you won’t need it)

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Too funny! You are right that is a lot of grapes. My coffee is usually a half sugar free mocha with non fat milk, right around 150 calories, so my math was a little off probably more like 250 or less!

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