Social Media Shout Out

Are you active on the social media sites? If so, I’d love link up! Click my buttons here!

Follow Me on Pinterest

I get into huge “pinning” moods where I pin tons of healthy recipes, motivations quotes, home decor, random tips and tricks…and so much more! I love to check out fitness and health boards!

Click above to follow me on Twitter! I’m still new to tweeting, my new goal is to tweet at least once day until I start to get the hang of it!

MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

Click this link, to set what my daily food and exercise log. (Clicking the box won’t take you to my page, so be sure to click the word link.

I also use Instagram! Search for me with the user name erinaliciaalexander

And stay tuned for the brand new Erin Says facebook page! I’m still working on getting it set up!


5 thoughts on “Social Media Shout Out

  1. trikatykid

    I used to use MyFitnessPal quite a bit and somehow switched over to Livestrong My Daily Plate.. however, a lot of my friends are on MyFitnessPal and I am losing interest in My Daily Plate so I reopened a profile on MFP .. and added you. That was a really long story. My B. :)

      1. trikatykid

        Do you know how to put the badge on your wordpress site? The one that says either “I’ve lost __ pounds” or “___ pounds to go”

      2. mrsalexzan Post author

        When you are on the website on the left side it shows a badge and under that it says Add to your site. If you click on that link it will take you to the page that has all the options.

        Then you just use the HTML widget to copy and paste it on wordpress

      3. trikatykid

        oh.. I was all the way up to having the HTML coding copied but I didn’t know what to do with it! Thanks :)

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