Weekly Wrap Up

Last week was confusing.

In fact, I can barely remember what happened before Friday. My work schedule was a little crazy. Ironically the night I wrote about my trouble sleeping, I was unable to sleep at all. I laid in bed for 8 hours and never fell asleep, luckily I didn’t let it frustrate me like I usually do. But this had a huge effect on my whole weekend. I’m starting to get super frustrated about waking up too late, over sleeping, waking up with my back aching, having bags under my eyes everyday. I’ve been taking the vitamins I said I was going to take, so currently I’m taking a prenatal, B-12, and an iron supplement. I still want to pick up a Valerian root supplement, but I really haven’t had a chance. I don’t know its enough, but I’m hopefully. I know that it will take a few weeks to notice a difference.

Blake and I also made plan, where I will put our alarm clock in a different room and crank it up so that I have to get up and out of bed when its time to get up. When I get up to turn off the alarm I need to immediately do something like hop in the shower, make a pot coffee, make  breakfast, something to get my brain working. I’ve got to make up happen.

As far as my food this week, I was kind of bad at track everything. So I’m not going to include a graph this time because it doesn’t reflect everything I ate.

I only recorded 94 minutes of working out, but I did walk around the county fair on Saturday for a few hours that I didn’t record. I also ate some junk there, I did my best to record it but its only my best estimate.

I didn’t gain weight this week or over weekend which is a huge relief for me. I feel super crazy stressed out, but I can’t let that control me. I’m really hoping for a great week, but I know that I’ve got to work for it!


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