Successful “First Run”


Well obviously it’s not my first run ever, but tonight I had a very successful first run of my new half marathon training plan.

The plan called for 1 mile warm up, and then 2 miles at comfortable effort timed.

It was kind of hard to purposely start out slow, I felt great, and I’m used to just going for it from the get go. My first my mile was at about 11:30 minutes. Then I stopped to give Kia and myself some water. Then I restarted my GPS and took off for the timed two miles. I did really poorly at keeping a steady pace but I’m still really happy with my results. The timed two miles averaged around 10 minutes a mile. Towards the end I took a few walk breaks. One because there was a weird waddling kitten in front of me and I was worried about Kia trying to go for it. Thank goodness I’m whimp, because that weird waddling kitten turned out to be a little skunk!

I also started to get some hot spots on my right foot, usually I put Vaseline on the spots that get hot but today I forgot. Probably because it had been 17 freaking days since my last run! I couldn’t believe that! Its been very hot so I’ve been working out in my living room. With that long of a break, I’m really relieved that my run still felt great, because in the past a few days off like that would have made the next run feel like death!

I’m very happy with how today went! Feels so good to run!

The plan for tomorrow is to wake up at 7 am, and take Kia for a 3 mile walk at brisk pace. In the evening after work I will do my weight workout.