New Title

Living Made Healthy!

I changed the title of this blog! And it makes me so happy. I’ve always been proud of my blogging, but I was little timid about putting my name out there. It felt a little to personal, but I’m really excited about this new change!

I feel like Living Made Healthy encompasses everything I want this blog to be about, first and foremost I always wanted this blog to be about my life in general but for me that will always mean living a healthy balanced lifestyle! I’m not going be one of those people who loses 30 lbs once and never has to think about it again. I know this is going to be a constant thing in my life. In fact I’m looking forward to learning how to incorporate my healthy lifestyle into my kids lives (someday).

Besides the name change and new domain (that I own)!!! I intend to keep blogging about the same ol stuff but as my life and interests continue to grow so will this blog!

In other news, this week has been crazy hectic for me! I’m still working on things! My first week of my secret diet went well, but it turns out its not a secret after all. I will share that as soon as I get a chance! But here’s a hint: the scale finally moved past 198!

I’ll catch up soon, promise!