Week Three Training Schedule

Confession: Last week I didn’t run…at all.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that. I was so exhausted from my crazy work schedule, that I didn’t have the energy to run in the hot weather. I found myself falling asleep on the couch or going to bed crazy early. Finally on Friday, I found the energy to get up and go, but right as I was getting ready, Blake called to say he was off work early and we should do something. I jumped on that chance, because we hadn’t seen each other all week! I had been leaving for work early and going to bed before he got home.

The weekend didn’t leave much more time for running, I had planned a run Saturday evening, but had to take an emergency trip to get supplies for the coffee stand! It turned out to be really fun and I’m glad we went. Sunday we planned a dinner and bowling with friends! I won the first game of bowling! SCORE! I never win! We’ve decided to practice everyday and make bowling team…not! But that made another day of no running.


That meant I had taken 9 days off…YIKES! I did go for a run yesterday, even though it wasn’t a scheduled run day. Currently our house is in the moving limbo so there isn’t much room for inside workouts. It felt really good to run! I did a 5 minutes warm-up, followed by alternating walking and running intervals for one minute each, for 35 minutes, then 5 more minutes of running, which ended at my front door. I wanted to do intervals because I have little tightness in my lower back, its a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to hurt myself and take more days off from running.

So today is now the first scheduled run of week 3. I will be getting my runs in! My work schedule is back to normal. I’m not going to redo week 2, I don’t think its necessary. I’m in pretty good shape right now, and week 2 is much like week 3 so I should be fine.

I’m looking forward to week 3, I’m really getting into a running grove. I’ve loved running for a long time but since I started running again this winter I loved running before and after each run but during sucked! Now the during is good too!

half marathon from women's health magazine

CT: Cross-Train
Do 30 minutes. Pick an activity that elevates your heart rate, such as biking, swimming, power walking, or using the elliptical.

TT: Time Trial
Warm up for one mile, running at a very easy pace. Then time yourself at a comfortably fast pace (not all-out) for two miles. Note your time and try to beat it at your next time trial.

R&R Run: Rest & Recovery Run
Run three to four miles at an easy pace. Every fourth week will be for recovery–a rejuvenating time to scale back intensity.

INT: Intervals, 3.5 Miles
Run one mile easy, then for the next two miles, alternate either one minute of harder effort with one minute of easy recovery jogging or two minutes of harder effort with one minute of jogging. Cool down with half a mile at an easy pace.

T: Tempo Runs, 3–4 Miles
Get ready to pick up the pace (you can talk, but no more than a few words at a time) for a portion of your workout. Do one mile at your normal pace, then add the tempo somewhere in the middle. Finish at your normal pace.