I’m Shrinking!

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen results. It feels like I’ve been trudging along with no changes since May! I felt stuck and discouraged, I even thought maybe this is the weight by body is happy at… But friends, that is all changing now.

Things are moving in the right direction! This morning I saw 195 on the scale! I couldn’t believe it! A few years ago I got down to 192, being so close to my lowest weight as an adult is very exciting! Being close to being in the 180s is amazing!

I’m also seeing noticeable differences on my body, like leg muscles. Now I’ve always had thick legs with lots of muscle but now it’s getting toned. I see muscles in my thighs when I’m just standing. My thighs are looking way slimmer than ever before.

I also have collar bones! Like real ones that show all the time, not just when I try to poke them out! I think the funniest part of my weight loss is how my toes and fingers and lost fat! I mean I had to resize my wedding ring, and my toes are knobby now! So weird!

I also need new bras! I threw one out last night because its so big now, that it was just plain uncomfortable. A few years ago I went to Victoria Secret with my friend and I couldn’t even fit into the bras there. It was heartbreaking, although I think a major company like that should offer a wide range of sizes. That was the one and only time I’ve heard I was too big for something, and I hated it. I think I could fit now, too bad there isn’t one close by!

I took some pictures, but my house doesn’t have amazing lighting and I had to do the mirror pose. I think the changes are a little hard to see but they ate there!





Notice the lines running down each side of my tummy?! I didn’t see them until today when I decided to do measurements. You can also tell my thighs are smaller, and for sure my chest. Although its harder to compare since I couldn’t find the same top I used last time!

Here are the differences in numbers!



Today I am wearing an old pair of shorts that are so baggy! My belt is on its last hole and shorts are all bunched up. And I’m loving it! Ok, I wish they for better but I love that they seriously way too big!

The feeling I have right now, feel so good.


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  1. trikatykid

    Great job! Measurements and photos really tell a more complete story than scale alone, don’t they!! Keep it up! You’re doing great!

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