My New Go-To Salad

It’s no surprise that I’ve been turned off to salads as of lately. I’ve mention it plenty. Lately, I’ve been good at adding lettuce and greens to wraps but salad just doesn’t sound appealing!

I know that I need to eat more leafy green so in a last ditch effort I picked up this salad topper, in hopes of making salad taste better.


It totally worked! Now I’m even looking forward to making these salads!


2 cups spring greens
2ish tbsp of the cranberry almond topper. (I just use a reg spoon)
1/2 of a diced really overripe Bartlett pear
1 serving turkey slices
Tons of salt and pepper! Oddly, pears and pepper tastes really really good!

For dressing, I just whisk together balsamic vinegar, a little bit of honey, and olive oil!

Ooooh so good! It’s right around 250 calories. I don’t measure the stuff for the dressing but I know it’s just enough to add a splash of flavor.

I think I’ll have another one with my dinner!


One thought on “My New Go-To Salad

  1. towardshealthylife

    Lettuce doesn’t sound very appealing to me either, I think it’s just a waste of space in my plate and I would rather add any vegetable or sprout in my salds or sanwich instead of it. :-) I like the idea of cranberry and almond with balsamic!

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