Long Run & Wool Socks

Let’s start with the good news! Today, I ran 8 miles! My longest run yet.

The bad news, it was awful. I’m dealing with some knee pain, it started aching last week. I’ve put ice on it a couple times and it stopped bothering me, until today. It really started to hurt around mile 3, and it never stopped. I had to take walking breaks, which actually helped a lot, at least temporarily. I hope if I’m more aggressive with the ice, I can alleviate the pain.

I also tried out my new wool socks for the first time today. I mentioned how I’ve been getting blisters on the bottoms of my toes and last week even on the top of one of my toes. My poor little toes look sad and pathetic. I’ve heard that wearing wool socks helps with blisters because they pull the moisture away from your toes. I had wanted to try them but I didn’t want to spend $14 on pair of socks, but this week I finally decided to give in. I’m so glad I did because they were on clearance! Which meant I was able to pick up two pair for the price of one!

wool socks

These are Smartwool brand, made specifically for running, and they promise to be blister free. Although not the most stylish sock in the world, I’m sure there could be a lot worse.

Typically, I apply a layer of Vaseline on my little toes, so I was nervous to go without but I wanted to give these socks a shot. I’m happy to report I didn’t have any pain that was unbearable. In fact, I didn’t have any pain until about 7 miles in.

Overall, I’m happy with the socks and I’ll probably pick up at least two more pair.

I just wish my run at been better overall, it was slow and painful, both literally and figuratively. I had to take several walk breaks, some longer than usual, typically I don’t take any walk breaks I also was uncomfortable in my clothes, I kept tugging at my pants, adjusting my shirts, I even sat down and re-tied my shoes.

All in all, even though it was slow, I’m still happy that I ran farther than I ever have before!  Today makes the end of week 4 of my training plan, now on to week 5.


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  1. trikatykid

    If you can describe the knee pain to me, I might be able to give you some suggestions, beyond ice, to help get past it. Ice is not always the answer. Depends on what’s going on! Feel free to send me a private message if you want at trikatykid@gmail.com.

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