Today, I was looking over some paperwork from the doctor, and I saw it there in black and white. Under a list of my of personal medical conditions such as acid reflux and a penicillin  allergy.


It stung. Now I know according to the BMI scale, I’m still considered obese. My BMI is 30.5, I would need to weigh 191 to be at a 29.9 which would barely put my in the overweight category.

BMI Categories:

  • Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = 25-29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Use this link to find your own, BMI.

I can’t explain why today it caused such an emotional reaction in me. Maybe because I feel like I’ve such huge strides lately that I shouldn’t be obese anymore. How can I have lost over 35 pounds and still be obese? Yesterday I ran 8 miles, obese people don’t do that. I wear a size 8 jeans, I buy medium yoga pants. Not qualities of an obese person.

I know my weight loss journey isn’t done, but I’m not going to let this BMI scale bring me down.


2 thoughts on “Obesity

  1. A Ponytail Kind of Day

    It is an outdated measurement and needs to be replaced/revised. It doesn’t account for different ‘frame’ sizes of people or athletes. If most of your various health markers are good, and you like the way you look…then who cares what your BMI is. I say, bravo for losing 35 lbs, take a look at a 35 lb turkey, and that is what you lost. Great Job !!!

  2. vickeet

    Hey don’t let a number get to you. It sounds like you’re doing a tremendous job with your health. If you feel great then that’s all that should ever matter. Good work and nice blog!

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