A Pain In The


Found on google, depicts how I feel exactly.

You wouldn’t think of my job as labor intensive. Most people think making coffee is easy, well, it is. However, keep in mind that we, baristas, are lifting gallons of milk continuously from low fridge shelves. So my days are spent stooping over many times to take the milk out, pour, then return it. I hunch over short windows to better hear my customers, stretch to reach bottles of flavor overhead… It doesn’t sound like much, but my back does start to ache. There’s no way I could be a carpenter.

Most days it’s a bearable ache, longer days its a little more uncomfortable. Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up with tension in my shoulders, it felt like I slept on a bad of rocks! Add in some extra stress from forgetting my work key at home, and you get full on back pain! No longer just an ache, it was awful!

I have poor posture to start with, I have a major curve in my back, it looks like a slightly straightened “S”. I slouch, I stand with my stomach pushed out and my hubs makes fun of me. I know I need to correct it, but I’ve slouched for so long, stand straight actually hurts.

So here I am yesterday with tight, heavy shoulders and my back hurting, trying to get stuff moved to the new house. Luckily I didn’t move anything remotely heavy, but I did think it was a good idea for me to pull the trailer forward a few feet manually. This trailer isn’t very heavy and is in fact easier to move by hand, except when you are already in pain! In that case it’s a v.e.r.y. bad idea.

I must have tweaked or pulled or stretched or broke, ok not broke, something. It was seriously painful, I’d like to say excruciating because I tend to be melodramatic, but I am sure there are more painful things. The pain does seem to radiate to the front of my body.

I tried doing a few things to alleviate the pain, massage which did help for a while, stretching, sitting in a supported office chair. And I tried sleeping in the chiropractor approve positions. One of those is on your side in fetal position with a pillow between your knees while hugging another pillow. I can’t stay in that very log because it smashes my arms. Second best position is flat on your back, which actually helped, until 2:00 am when I apparently tried to turn over and woke up cursing! I had to use the massager again to get my self to fall back asleep.

I don’t want to take a lot of pain killers, but I did breakdown and buy some Tylenol, which helped for about an hour. Now I’m sitting here at work on a stool, trying to find an position that doesn’t make it feel like someone pounded me in the back with a sledgehammer.

Add to the mix my ankles are sore and stiff, I have a headache, super hot, and tired. You’ve got one cranky, barista, counting down the seconds until 1:00 pm. I do put on a happy face when someone pulls up! People do prefer their coffee with a smile!

Any suggestions to fix this pain? Cheap suggestions! I’ve looked up some remedies, such as a hot bath or heating pad, maybe foam rolling. I don’t have a foam roller but maybe today is the perfect day to get one.