The Healthy Living Update

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.” I’ve always hesitated to use that sentence, I personally think it sounds lame. Truth be told, if I could eat cheeseburgers and milkshakes all day, everyday and feel like a million bucks … I would.

I do enjoy healthy foods, I’ve always loved veggies and fruit, I like brown rice and wheat bread, but I’d much rather have white pasta over whole wheat.

In the five weeks since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve learned that I talk a big talk, but my actions sucks! I got into that, I’m pregnant mentality that causes women to gain 60 plus pounds. You know where they find themselves eating sundaes every night just because they can. (I’m not saying that every women who gains a lot during pregnancy over ate, I know that every women is different.) I have been eating too much and not the healthiest of choices. Although, it’s not like I’ve had McDonalds every day either. I just could have done better.

When I thought the baby was gone for sure, I knew I needed to jump right back into things and I did. I did great yesterday. The problem is that I shouldn’t have needed to jump back into things, I should have been eating the healthy things me and a baby need all along.

I’ve also been slacking in the exercise department. The stress of moving had me exhausted, plus I had a lot of morning sickness those days, my week off from running due to knee pain turned into two weeks, and I ended up going 16 days without running. Although, I did do a couple workouts in my living room, it wasn’t anything special.

I’m not allowing myself to feel bad about what I didn’t do. What I am doing is making myself a new routine. I need to start healthy, sustainable habits for myself. Something I can do during this pregnancy, something that I can stick with on a regular basis.

Stay tuned!