Getting Back To Me

Unfortunately, we received the news last night that I was dreading. Right now my goal is to just get back myself back to me, back to normal.

I’ve tried to get started already:

I’ve started taking a yoga class! Another thing I get to cross off my 2012 Bucketlist, I’m really excited about that. I’m going to do a post about it after the next class which is next Monday. I want to share some pictures, but I haven’t taken any yet but I’ll try to remember next time.

Today, I went for my first run in 20 days. I’m shocked its been 20 days but I know I wont have that long without running again. I’m setting myself a goal to let know more than 3 days go in between runs. On my run today, I decided I didn’t have to go very far or very fast, I felt like I was waddling. It rained a little bit, it was freaking cold, but I made it. I took a few walk breaks, some because I was also texting my mother in law but it felt pretty great. I thought I might share my stats.

I’m looking forward to running more and more although but I do need to pick up some warmer running clothes.

I know I’ve gained a few pounds but I’m giving myself a few days to get back into my routine and deal with my upcoming surgery. Then I will be doing everything I need to do to get healthy for my future children.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back To Me

  1. Bella

    I’m so sorry that you’ve been struggling, but your positive attitude is something that will get you through. I’m sure you’ll love yoga! Have fun.

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