Losing The Final Fifteen

Things have been going rather well lately.

Since my surgery almost two weeks ago I’ve been really working hard to reach my goal of weighing180 pounds. I set this goal a while back and I’ve had trouble getting there. It’s no surprise to me that I haven’t reached this goal. My workout habits have been inconsistent for months, and I eat unhealthy crap all the damn time. I’ve really started to notice my problem lies within my habits.

Well you know what, no more of that. I need good habits, good habits that will last a lifetime.

I grew up with an overweight family that embarrassed me, I hate to admit that, but its true. I felt ashamed to be seen in public with them. Now I’m ashamed to even have had those kinds of thoughts but truth be told I wasn’t taught any different. I also hear stories from people like on the biggest loser, who can’t play with their children because they are too big to do so and it breaks my heart. I never want my children to feel embarrassed because their mom is overweight or cry because I’m too fat to play with them.

With motherhood flickering in my thoughts all the time, my one wish now is to be the best mother possible. I know I won’t be perfect but there are things that don’t have to be an issue, and I can start today. Although I don’t know when I will be a mom, I do know that will set a good example for my children and that kind of thing starts with good habits, that will last a lifetime.

With that being said, my health goals right now are as follows.

• Run 50 miles in the month of November. So far I’ve already run 16.5 miles, I’m headed in the right direction. I set this goal because I want some purpose to my running, and I want to build a habit. I want no more than three days to pass between runs.

Lose 8 lbs. That’s about half of what I have left to lose before reaching 180. I know it’s going to take a lot of work but I’m prepared.

In order to reach these goals, I will have to put forth a lot of effort, sweat, and determination. The running will be somewhat easy, all that takes is commitment. As long as I run a 5k most days of week I will make it.

The 8 pounds, will be a lot harder. I’ve committed myself to a two week clean eating challenge, I’ve cut out carbs and processed junk. It’s only been 3 days but I feel pretty good about what I’ve done so far. I’m still allowing myself sugar free sweetener in my coffee, but I’ve been very careful to avoid regular sugar and other indulgences.

I’m not cutting carbs in an effort to be on a low carb diet, my reasoning behind this is that I have no self control when it comes to those kinds of food. I’ll eat 3 or 4 slices of bread, or an entire box of Mac n cheese. I hope by cutting them out temporarily I will open myself up to more fresh unprocessed possibilities. Just yesterday for lunch I enjoyed an unprocessed plate of spaghetti. It was spaghetti squash with chopped up fresh tomato, a bunch of Italian herbs and a little olive oil.

I’m also hoping to bring veggies back into my daily diet. For many weeks or even months now, I haven’t enjoyed most veggies. I think because of a lack of creativity on my part when preparing those veggies. I’m starting to think out the box and prepare my vegetable dishes in new ways, for example I made a delicious Roasted Cauliflower Cheddar Soup from a recipe I found online, although I made some changes of my own. It was delicious! Give this recipe a try!

I’ve also been working out harder than ever before. Last week I checked out Bob Harper’s Beginners Weight Loss Transformation from the library, and I loved it. Sadly it had to go back yesterday, but I used that DVD nearly everyday that I had it. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner, this DVD wasn’t easy. It didn’t have seriously complicated moves like some DVDs have, but the workout was effective. It also included a bonus 10 minute session for abs.

After my sessions with Bob, I would take my sweat soaked self out for a run. I’ve also done more yoga in the last several days than ever. It’s only 9 days into this month but I feel seriously committed to making this weight loss goal happen. I know that somedays it will be harder to get in my workouts but I feel confident I can get it done.


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