Final Fifteen: Week One Done

I meant to write this post about my newly found determination last Monday…but that didn’t happen. My plan is to write an update every Monday or maybe Sunday evening.

The official week one went fabulously. Honestly, things couldn’t have gone any better. I lost 2.8 pounds this week! I’m so happy about that! I feel better than ever, I feel stronger, thinner, and good about my self. I was joking around with my husband about being the skinniest wife he’s ever had, because this is the skinniest I’ve been since we’ve been married.

I worked out 5 days last week, including running, yoga, DVDs that work the whole body using 8 pound weights. Starting on Wednesday I ate clean, well my version of clean.

One day I was dying for dessert, but we don’t have anything I can eat so I had half a pomegranate. Not exactly ice cream but I’m happy with the trade.

This week is off to great start! I’m noticing that the only time I’m really tempted by food is at work, although I honestly enjoy my regular sugar free Americano, it doesn’t stop me from wanting something full of sugar. So far I’ve done pretty damn good and resisted, although today I treated myself to a small sugar free mocha with 2% milk.

Yesterday I had my fastest run in a long time despite freezing temps! I bundled myself up and headed out the door before I could think about it too much.


Hat, mittens, a long sleeve under my tshirt and a jacket kept me pretty warm. My head was sweating, but I’m really glad I was warm enough.

I felt totally unstoppable on the this run. I really pushed myself at the end to pick up the pace.


I’m so glad I got that run in yesterday because it snowed last night! Guess that’s my sign to get a gym membership.

I’m ready for another week of hard work and tons of sweat!