Looking At The Bigger Picture

First things first, my attempt at Pilates was a bust.

My wonderful, mother in law sent me home with this contraption.


It’s a Malibu Pilates chair. She also had three DVDs and some pictures to go with it. I set it up and watched the intro so I could see how to do it and quickly realized this thing was for weenies! It promises to have you lose a dress size in 10 days but I don’t think you actually sweat during the workout. However, it is all about abs, they have serious ab moves, that require way more ab strength than I have.

I’m sure my abs would have been aching had I finished it, but I found it to be way too boring and turned it off. I, personally, prefer heart pounding in my ears workouts.

So there’s that.

Next, I found a solution to my workout schedule dilemma! Actually, it was a comment made by a blogger whose blog I just found yesterday! (Definitely check it out!) She said she had the same problem with making a schedule then missing one day and giving up, so now she makes her schedule only one week at time. I’m going to give it a try next week. I will finish this week off doing “what I feel like doing” and then starting Monday I will create a schedule for just that week!

Yesterday marked one week of my eating challenge or halfway done in my optimistic mind! I think yesterday was also the first time I felt seriously deprived. I just wanted to eat, and now that I look back on it, I think it’s because I was bored! My hubs ended up staying late at work for a meeting, and I was just home watching tv. I had already cleaned up the house, worked out, and had dinner. I kept thinking maybe I should do another workout, but I didn’t, I wanted to have an easy day because I was so sore. I ended up eating twice as much dinner and three sugar free pudding cups.

Now that I look back on it, I see what the problem was but last night I felt terrible. I let my emotions control my eating. Not only was I bored, but I was also upset because the scale hasn’t moved since my last weigh in, well actually it had moved up.

I’ve been trying not worry because I’m still a few days from my official weekly weigh in, but once I started feel deprived of food, I just kept going down the emotional roller coaster to the point of no return. My eyes welled up with tears as I explain to my husband that even though my effort hasn’t changed, neither has my weight. Lucky for me he is always so logical about these things and helped me see that’s its about the bigger picture.

I know I’m getting healthier and more fit. I’m building muscles, that I can see and feel, oh and he can see them too! I’m working on making healthy habits. Even though I’m not seeing the results on the scale like I want, I am seeing results.

That’s what’s important. That’s why I’ll keep going. And that’s why you should keep going too!


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