Another Day, Another Butt Kick Workout

Yesterday was one of those days that could have gone bad, where I let one bad decision ruin it for me, but instead, I turned it into one damn good sweat session!

I recently discovered that I like eggnog, like really, really like it. When I’m at work I think about egg nog lattes nonstop. I haven’t had one for several weeks, until yesterday. I caved. I broke my own rules about sugar, and made myself one, a big one. Ugh! Unfortunately, my imagination had built up the glory of eggnog so much that it was a total disappointment! Funny how that happens. I finished it in record time which left me with a belly ache.

I left work disappointed in myself but as soon as I walked in my door I put on my workout clothes, and got ready to sweat it out!


I had taken a few days off from Jillian’s Extreme Shed and Shred because I had been crazy sore. I was actually really surprised at how good it felt to get back to it, I hate the first move: burpees with a lateral jump. It’s a burpee, then jump to the side and do another. Typically I hate burpees but I felt so strong yesterday, it wasn’t so bad. I forced myself to sink down lower or go a little faster on every move. I even picked up my baby 3 lbs weights for some of the cardio moves like she recommends to make things harder. I gave it every thing I had!

After that DVD which lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, I put in Jillian’s kettlebell workout, Shred It with Weights. It’s one of my favorites, so I did level 1 for about 25 minutes, skipped the cool down and popped in my yoga DVD so I could get a really good stretch.

My hips and butt felt really tight so I knew the Weight Loss Transformation DVD would really help to loosen them up. It felt so good, but I was pretty exhausted by then so I was wobbly and shaky.

I felt so proud of myself afterwards, I mean I almost worked out for 3 hours!


That’s a lot of calories burned!

Later Blake and I headed to the grocery store for dinner, but we ended up only buying pistachios (our new addiction, although last time he ate the whole bag before I got any!). We went to the casino/bar/arcade/bowling alley for dinner. I had the chili burger minus the bun and a small salad! It was delicious, Blake thought I was crazy for ordering no bun but whatever. I have to do whatever it takes to loose these last 12 pounds!

My chili patty was delicious, I should have asked for light cheese but I didn’t even think about it until I saw the mountain of melty cheese on top. I know it was the #1 healthiest pick on the menu…hello salad… But I think I made a good in between choice. I have been eating my fair share of salads, but sometimes you just want something hot!

I’m feeling so good about my body right now. This morning my weight was up a little bit, but I’m not worried, we had dinner kind of late and it was heavier than the dinners I usually eat so it probably because of that. And even if its not, oh well. I can really see the differences in myself, I have arm muscles. Like real arm muscles that show when I’m doing little things like brushing my hair. I’m feeling confident enough to wear jeggings, and I must confess they look good on me! It’s just a matter of time before the scale will show my results too.

I’m looking forward to starting a fresh week where I can push myself harder and farther than ever before! Tomorrow I will post my weight and a plan for the week. I decided to do it Mondays so that the week lines up on the myfitnesspal app with my weigh in.

I hope your weekend is going great! Don’t give up! You can do it!


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