Feeling Oh So Skinny

Today was such a great day!

I slept late then, made myself a delicious egg casserole for breakfast, this has been a staple in my life the last few weeks. I also had a cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk and splenda, I’m out of sugar.

curly hair = fuzzy head

I also made myself a promise that I would not turn on the tv, and I stuck to it! Usually I turn it on for noise and then get sucked in sitting on my butt. Instead of tv noise, I turned on Pandora Christmas music and got my clean on.

Our house really needed a good cleaning. I have to confess that some stuff isn’t even unpacked! We moved two months ago! I cleaned the bedroom, and both bathrooms and simultaneously did a ton of laundry, wash, dry, folded AND put away. That’s a big deal around here, I’m totally guilty of leaving clean clothes in a basket for a few days….weeks….forever.

All that before lunch! Midway through the day, I stopped cleaning to sweat it out.

Water tastes better when you drink it from on old spaghetti sauce jar.

My bootie was a little sore from doing the extreme shed and shred yesterday so I thought the yoga meltdown was a good choice. I did level one and two, which was actually wonderful. I was surprised to find out that I had actually never tried the level two. It was fun to do something new! I didn’t get nearly as sweaty as I do when doing the shed and shred, but I really enjoy this DVD, it yoga and heart pumping in one. A two-fer!

After a shower, I made a quick pizza on flatout wrap with turkey sausage and mushrooms, with a side of cauliflower. Then I got back to cleaning the house, I unpacked and sorted a box of bathroom junk…talk about time consuming. I also scrubbed the whole kitchen, even did alllllll the dishes. Which was a lot because our dishwasher is broken and has been since we moved in..yuck.

For dinner tonight I mostly followed this recipe for Orange Chicken. Its from Fitness Magazine, but I found it while surfing pintrest, I made a new board Skinny Dishes.

I love it.

I say mostly because I quadrupled the recipe to make four servings, dinner for Blake and I, plus leftovers for lunch. I accidentally put a ton of red pepper flakes…so it was spicy orange chicken I also didn’t exactly measure anything, but I’m getting pretty good at eyeballing the right amounts. I had mine with a brown rice medley and steamed veggies. It was so pretty, I should have thought to take a photo.

We also enjoyed a hot cocoa with cool whip. Yummy.

Then I got busy making a Christmas wreath for my door.

Blake’s grandma sent me home with a bunch of junk that I really don’t need but I used some of it to piece together this wreath. I love it! I’m going to have to post pictures of my holiday decor once I finish putting it out! Number one reason why I really needed to clean the house.

I’m also hoping to find my camera battery soon so I can use a real camera instead of my phone.

I hope you also had a really great, and healthy day!


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  1. livingthesweetlifestl

    I am very glad to hear that I am not the only one who is guilty of not folding the laundry after it comes out of the dryer! My goal for tonight is to fold the batch that is sitting in the living room….since sunday.

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