Active Rest Day

I’m going to make this short and sweet because I’m not feeling well, around 5 o’clock I felt like I had been hit with a sack of bricks. I have no idea why, but I’m feeling pretty achy and exhausted!

My left wrist is still hurting pretty bad today, and my right wrist and ankles feel stiff, I don’t like it one bit. The Shred and Shed is pretty intensive with moves and exercises that put a lot of stress on the wrists, so is the yoga meltdown. Knowing I needed to give my wrists a rest and probably my ankles as well, I took what I’m calling an active rest day. If I had access it would have been a good day for a swim, but I did the next best thing. Walked! Low impact but still gets the heart pumping. I used a Leslie Sansone DVD to walk 4 miles in my living room, I would have gone outside but it was raining and I don’t have a good jacket for a wet workout. I just wanted something to keep me moving but not a super duper workout, ya know what I mean? See Active Rest Day!

Afterwards I did some standing ab work. Side Crunches, Standing Pikes, Standing Bicycle Crunches, Leg Raises, and Knee Lift Crunches. 25 of everything on each side, and repeat. My abs really felt it, and I like doing standing work to help improve my balance and strengthen the back more than floor crunches.

No stress on my wrists, except from all this typing. So over and out! I have a healthy recipe to share tomorrow!



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