My Aching Muffin Top

Remember all those stand abs I did…well they really really work. My abs right at hip level aka the muffin top are so sore, like it even hurts to put my hands on my hips.

I love that kind of soreness!

I’m hoping I will be sore tomorrow in the arms and shoulders. Today, I used Jillian’s Trouble Zones DVD.


This one is all about butt, legs, arms and abs! Oh wait..that covers everything! It had been a while since I did this DVD and do I regret that. This one is way more holistic than the The Extreme Shed and Shred. In comparison, trouble zones is more about strength work, there is less cardio and more weight lifting. When I do the Shed and Shred I’ve been using 8 lbs weights and most recently my new 10 pounders but today I had to set those down and grab my 3s for some of the shoulder work.

Just goes to show that one DVD can’t do everything. I’m going to have to start mixing it up more to work all of my muscles!

Also this DVD wasn’t too stressful on my aching wrist either. I can tell the rest is really doing some good, it hurts a lot less today than yesterday.

Some fun things are happing around here…

I planned on order myself a heart rate monitor today but my husband forced convinced me that its a bad idea to buy things before Christmas so I’m waiting. Then my in laws asked today what I want, so I told them a heart rate monitor so we shall what comes of that!

A friend of mine is coming to visit this weekend all the way from Oregon so we are having Mexican tonight and I’m totally going to enjoy a margarita! I have 600 calories planned for dinner. Although, I might go over I’m going to do my best to not over eat. Enjoy the company, and not totally stuff my self until I’m sick the next day.

I also found my camera battery, I’m going to try to take more and better pictures than I have been.

I’m really excited for this week because I made some small changes but I’m seeing a huge difference in myself, I’m looking forward to sharing those small changes.

Have a great evening! If you try something new and healthy this weekend let me know in the comments!!!


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