The Fabulous Weekend

This weekend someone very important came to town and it led to a very fabulous time. Kate, Donna, and I spent the weekend eating really yummy food, shopping, and talking a bunch.

It all started Friday after work, Blake and I met Kate, Adam, and Donna, who had just drove seven hours to see us, for a Mexican fiesta. I forgot to take pictures, whoops. We had a lot of catching up to do.

The next day we headed out for lunch a relatively new bistro in Soap Lake, called the Sundial Bistro. I had already eaten a little bit so I just got a salad, but it was a delicious salad.

IMG_0755Spinach and greens with strawberries, apples, and orange herb vinaigrette. And a sprinkling of worlds best candied almonds. Seriously, they are the very best, I dream about them.

Kate and Donna both got the Sundial Sandwich, it looked good, I can admit that I was a little jealous.

IMG_0757I think it had turkey, bacon, avocado, and tomato.

Let’s see, we also spent some time thrift store shopping for some fun Christmas stuff. Later we spent a few hours chatting and then I had to head home to sleep for work the next morning.

Sunday was the best of all the days. After work we left town and headed to Wenatchee for some shopping, we didn’t buy much but it was nice to have some quality girl time. For dinner we went to the Olive Garden.

IMG_0759Peach Sangria to start!

IMG_0763I had the Capellini Pomodoro with the salad and breadsticks, of course, but I limited it to only 2 breadsticks. This was a huge portion. I ended up eating about a third of it and it looked like I barely touched it.

We had a lot of fun, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we had a blast. After that we planned to go to the mall, but it was closed. So home we went. Then of course we sat around talking for a couple more hours.


What a great weekend. The fun continued this morning, but you will have to hear about that tomorrow.


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