Making Changes & Seeing Results

I keep mentioning that I made some changes last week and I’m definitely seeing results which is very exciting. Last week, I lost 2.2 lbs, that’s more than I’ve lost in the previous three weeks. This is a new lowest weight for me.

More importantly, I feel fantastic. I feel strong, skinny, and beautiful. When I look in the mirror I see definition in my cheekbones, my collarbones are always showing, and muscles are peeking out under my layer of flab. I put on shirts that used to be a little tight and now they are loose, its such a confidence boost. I’ve also been putting more time and energy in to the way I look, making sure to wear something other than a t shirt to work and doing my a make up to accentuate my features. These little things are making such a huge difference.

Now let’s discuss some these changes.

  • I upped my calories from 1200 a day to 1320, I just changed my setting from losing two pounds a week to one and half. Along those same lines I stopped recording my workouts in myfitnesspal. This just means I’m eating the same amount regardless of what workout I do. I think the app over estimates the amount of calories I burned and then I would eat back some of those calories and undo the work done.
  • Cut back my workouts some. I was working out two to three hours everyday. I think it was too much. Last week I did only about a hour each day, and some days it was easy like walking in my living room. I needed to cut back because I needed to be less obsessed, three hours a day is too much when its everyday. My whole life doesn’t need to be about working out.
  • Ate real food. No or very little sugar free, fat free processed foods. I used sugar in my coffee, had lattes at work, made dinners that I used to skip because they were “bad” for me. I even went over my calorie limit a few times but I never went crazy. When I went out for meals with my friends I enjoyed myself, I didn’t feel guilty when I ate tortillas or pasta, I even had a drink (twice). Usually I never drink because of the calories, I just worry about the fat and sugar in each drink and how much I will weigh the next day. I just recorded every bite and made sure to stay under my daily caloric limit or close to it.  It was nice to relax some.

I’m looking forward to this week and I hope I keep seeing results but if I don’t that’s ok too because I’m taking the steps towards living a healthy, vibrant life.


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