Manic Monday

Yesterday was another great day.

Blake is back on swing shift so we slept in together which never happens! I’ve worked every single weekend since September and he works the week days. Yesterday was also the last day of Donna’s visit to Eastern Washington so we had to go out for breakfast.

Back to the Sundial Bistro. This place is really a diamond in the rough. Soap Lake is a tiny town know for its mineral water lake, it’s a popular place in the summer for tourists but otherwise the town is dead. There are very few places to eat to or shop so to a find a really great, fun restaurant is awesome for local like us.

The breakfast menu at the Sundial is on the small side but those dishes they serve are the best of the best. I wanted eggs, and I wanted pancakes, and I wanted fruit. There was no combination like this on the menu so I talked to the cook and he made it happen. I ordered two scrambled eggs with a side of ham, a pancake, and fruit, he also gave me some potatoes which I didn’t ask for but I’m sooo glad he served them. They were crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and seasoned perfectly. Everything you dream of in a potato.

breakfastA big breakfast but I ate it all and enjoyed every bite!

Everyone loved their meal, we went on and on about how good the food tasted. The waitress was friendly, and kept the coffee coming. She told us she was the new kid but we would have never know otherwise. She was kind enough to take a group photo of us.


After breakfast, we parted ways. Blake and I went and drove by a couple of house that are for sale, we think we are in the market but just in the starting stages. We spent most of the day doing that, although we only went inside two houses.

He left for work at about 3:00 and I took a nap. It was wonderful. Then it was time for yoga class, I left a little bit early so I could exchange a pair of jeans while I was in town. Since I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast, I ran into Safeway and picked up a box of Special K Protein and Fiber granola bars. I wanted something quick and low in calories, this totally did the trick.

IMG_2735Only 110 calories.

Yoga class was interesting because I was feeling light-headed and slightly queasy when we were doing positions like downward facing dog. I spent extra time in childs pose. When I got home I put in Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones DVD. I worried about feeling sick but it actually felt great. I forced myself to use the 8 pound weights and really work during each move. It was tough but it felt fantastic, I’m even a little bit sore today.

For dinner, I had leftover Capellini Pomodor from our trip to the Olive Garden with a ceaser salad. The salad I picked up at Walmart in the deli section its four servings but I had half the package and used my own dressing. It was a really tasty and filling meal, I’m having the same thing for lunch today.

This week will be different because Blake is on swing shift so it means I have to rearrange my schedule a little, but I don’t have to cook dinner for him so I can try new things he would hate. I actually enjoy this schedule because I love doing evening workouts but it will make getting up at 5 am on the weekends tough.

Today is a housecleaning day. Ick.

Off to get my clean on, stay healthy!