Mixing It Up

Today I just wasn’t in the mood for another Jillian workout, I decided to really shake things up. A few days ago we downloaded a couple Zumba demos on the xbox and my friends raved about Zumba this weekend so I finally gave it a try. I had two games to try the first was Zumba Fitness Rush.

The demo only included two songs, I liked the first one but the second was way more complicated but I could totally see how you would get a full workout from it.

The next game was the Zumba Fitness Core. The first song was completely too complicated for me.

I have trouble with dance type workouts because I’m not coordinated whatsoever. I step right when they say left. And then I get mad and frustrated when I’m doing it wrong. Add in the xbox kinect and it just gets worse. I don’t know its me or what but I find it difficult to use the menus on the kinect games. Oh well. I did have fun during the first game, I even had a smile on my face.

I had a makeup yoga class tonight, but after that I knew I needed to get a better workout. There is a video floating around pintrest and youtube called Victoria’s Secret 10 minute workout, so I decided to see what all the hype is about.

Then I hammered my abs with two standing abs videos.

 An old fav from exercisetv. I’m still sad they closed that site!

Shew! Luckily my dinner was baking in the oven while I was doing all those, and a little extra stuff for finish the last few minutes.

I sweated, I had fun, I tried something new. It was awesome.



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