I Survived



Last night I came home to find my complete collection of Bob Harper DVDs finally arrived. (I felt like I had been waiting forever!)

After debating which video to do, I picked the Total Body Transformation. It did not disappoint! First things firsts, Bob said this is going to be the hardest workout of your life. He was right. My legs burned, my arms gave out, sweat poured into my eyes and I loved every second of it. No wait, I hated it. I even let a few curse words fly, but afterwards I loved it.

And today I really love it. I feel different than yesterday, I feel slimmer and more badass. I mean, I survived the hardest workout of my life!

I can’t wait to try out the other DVDs. I know these will help me lose more weight and get stronger! My newest goal/obsession is to get some muscles. I’m dying to see some definition in arms and abs.

Totally looking forward to another session with Bob tonight.