Confessions Time

Confession: I’ve been over my daily calorie limit 5 days in row.

I can’t believe it. Sometimes I go over a little bit and its not a big deal but 5 days in row is not good. A few of those days I was over by a lot like almost 1000! Wow. Could even be more, I know that occasionally I have a taste of this or little extra that, that doesn’t get recorded.

With only 9 pounds to go until I reach my goal, now is not the time to be slacking. I’m a little appalled I’ve gone of over so many times. I knew I hadn’t been perfect, but I didn’t realize it was so bad. I’ve been doing so awesome. I’ve lost 2.2 pounds each of the last two weeks, I’ve reached new milestones, and I’ve been killing it with my workouts everyday. There is no reason to be eating more calories than I need.

I’m using this as a little wake up call. I need to kick my butt in gear and watch my food intake. No more going over.

In other news, since I do only have 9 pounds until I reach the goal I set several weeks ago, I’ve been thinking whats next? I don’t think I want to stop at 180 necessarily because I will still be considered overweight. When I set that goal, I didn’t really think I would make it. I never believed I could be “skinny” and right now I feel skinny. Now that I’m within reach of that goal, I need to figure out what is my real goal weight?

I’ve done those test like, What’s Your Happy Weight? It said 145. That makes me laugh. I think I’d be happy around 170ish. I have a thicker build, (not “big boned”) I have broad shoulders, and thick but muscular legs. I don’t want to be a super model. I want to be healthy and strong. This is a weird thing to think of, but I don’t want to go over 200 lbs when I get prego (next time).

Anyway…food for thought. Right now, I need to focus on those 9 pounds that need to go right now and staying under my calorie limit!





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