Plan To Beat Stress

A bucket of stress was dumped on me today.

My mother in law/boss decided to take all of next week off which is awesome. I love working and want to work as much as possible but it just dawned on me that I have a ton of other stuff to do.

I need to find time to go grocery shopping, finish Christmas shopping, finish making a few gifts, plan and shop for Christmas dinner, pay all the bills, plan us out a budget for 2013, and give Kia a bath (no small feat) so she can go see Santa on Saturday. Plus eat healthy and workout of course. It feels like too much. I started getting seriously overwhelmed and I had a slight panic attack at work. Then I told myself…Take a deep breath, relax and come up with a plan of action.

That’s exactly what happened. I came home, got my sweat on, now its planning time. I had some time to relax on my commute home. It’s all about the plan.

I can go grocery shopping and prep my food for the weekends tomorrow before work. I also need to get my workout in tomorrow before work too. While I’m at work I can pay the bills that need paid, and work on the few gifts I’m making. I can also work on planning our budget and Christmas menu at work. I have the luxury of doing personal things in my downtime. I will have to give Kia her bath when I get home after work. Not looking forward to that what so ever. The Christmas shopping will have to happen Saturday and Sunday after work. But on Saturday, I’m also taking Kia to see Santa with some of my friends and their dogs. I think it will be a lot of fun!

I totally let my self get overwhelmed and stressed out for no reason. Having a plan makes me feel so much better.

Tonight, when I got home I was alarmed to find it 63 degree in my house! The homeowner came to fix one part of it but I think they broke it instead. I had to get my heart pumping fast just to keep warm. So I had an ab session with Bob. My core is really feeling the pain, I love it. I love knowing my muscles got worked.

After my confession yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to take picture of all my meals today for accountability.

I had an errand to run this morning so I need a to-go breakfast…..TA DA. PB&J Waffle Sandwich! pbjwafflesammyDelicious. I will be eating these often. The jam is homemade plum made by Blake’s aunt, it’s the best.

I had to grab a lunch at the store, so I grabbed some ham and a roll. I added a laughing cow light Swiss wedge. IMG_2800I tried carrot juice for the first time, but this particular one was expired so I took it back. On the side I had Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips. They were also pretty good, but I’m not a big chip eater.

IMG_2799In exchange for the expired carrot juice, I picked up two of these.

IMG_2807I had half of it on the way home.

IMG_2806My dinner was Chicken Noodle soup my mother in law sent home with me and a smashed sweet potato. This soup was amazing. Packed full of veggies: carrots, green beans, cabbage, corn, onion, tomato, and I’m sure there is something I’m missing. She said she has a bunch more of this at home, so I’m planning on taking advantage.

I also had an iced americano in there somewhere that I forgot to photograph.

And I end the day with 8 calories to spare. Now its time to meal plan so I know what to buy when I go shopping in the morning!

Stay Healthy Friends!