DVD Review: Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body

Time for my very first workout DVD review and very first series type post. I’m going to share all the nitty-gritty details about at home workout DVDs so you know what you are getting into before buying. First up:

Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body

bob harper dvd

My hubby purchased this one for me. Personally, I love it.

Its not what you expect from a typical cardio DVD, the jumping jacks and burpees are kept to a minimum. In fact there are no burpees in this which definitely makes it a winner in my book. I hate burpees. Bob gets the heart pumping with lots of leg work and I mean a lot of leg work. He starts right off the bat with a quick paced lunge move. Honestly, I start sweating about 2 minutes in to the workout. He adds in the arms pretty quick too. This is a full body workout, expect lunges and I mean a ton of lunges including what he calls split lunges (aka jumping lunges), squats, plyo moves (jumping), ass burners and more jumping. There is plenty of shoulder work, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks and other moves that leave your arms feeling like jello.


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One of the things I love about all of Bob’s DVD, including this one…he constantly reminds you to keep your abs engaged. Your core is working the entire time, despite the fact that this DVD includes zero crunches. Yep, zero but your abs will still be sore the next day.

I particularly enjoy that the other people in the DVD with Bob have trouble doing the workout as well. As weird as it sounds, I like feeling just as strong as them. Often times in other videos the people working out with the instructor do everything perfectly and barely sweat. I’m in my living room about to pass out and they are perfect as a peach. PLEASE! When they struggle it’s so much more believable. It makes me feel like this a workout for real people not just fitness models.

This is a pretty intense workout. One of the hardest DVDs I’ve done. The moves are pretty basic, no super crazy advanced things but it’s still very hard. He does add in some slight modifications but not very many.  The whole workout last about an hour, from warm-up to cool down, for very early beginners could be too long but I love the length. There is also a timer in the bottom right corner that tell you the time left, (AWESOME) it also tells you what percentage of the DVD is left…I tend to cheer when it shows me 75% completed!

Overall Info:
Equipment Needed: Hand weights but could be done without.
Length: 60 minutes and extra bonus 10-Minute Glute Challenge
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Great workout for someone who looking for an hour long workout, but could be too long for people just starting out. Intense full body workout.


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