Back To Routine

I hope the holiday has treated you all well! I know I had a wonderful Christmas.

We spend Christmas Eve with Blake’s aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. It was so much fun. Filled with delicious food. Then we stayed the night at his parents because they live next door to his grandparents, and we live 30 minutes away. So staying was better on our budget and the environment, plus it gave us the opportunity to partake in some festive drinks….aka…coke and rum.

Although neither of us slept well…too excited for Santa…or seriously uncomfortable couches, Sunday was a lovely day. We started the morning off with breakfast and presents from his parents and sister, and several hours of chatting and hanging out.

In the afternoon we headed home so I could cook dinner for my side of the family. On the drive home it started snowing and didn’t let up until this morning, so we ended up with a White Christmas after all. Dinner was delicious and so nice to enjoy time with my mom, sister, brother in law and youngest brother. After we ate, we called my brother and sis in law in Texas to have a video chat with my niece and nephew: the highlight of my Christmas. I miss them so much and wish they would just come back already.

Today, I just tried to jump right back into the swing of things. I know its best if I keep a regular routine. Today wasn’t perfect, but I’m not looking for perfection.

I did get a few new gadgets for healthy living, so stayed tuned for more on that.

I wish I had taken some pictures but I never seem to remember to take my phone with me anymore. Gotta work on that!

How was your Christmas? Any fun new gadgets for living a healthy life?