Did I mention that I won a free pizza a few week ago? Yup. From Papa John’s. My husband was in pizza heaven for half a minute…. That’s how long it takes him to devour a pizza.

Then just last week I won a giveaway from Steph Stays Slim. Two BIC Bands! Thanks Steph for hosting the giveaway!!


I was really excited to win this one because I’ve heard about BIC Bands on a lot of other blogs but I never bought one. The truth is, no headbands ever stay put on my melon so I’ve given up on buying them.

I love the sparkly green one! It’s super
cute and matches my running shoes which are purple and green. Sparkly things are growing on me, for a while there I couldn’t stand glitter but now I embrace the glitz and glitter!

I also got a thicker green and red stripped one. I’ll post a picture soon enough.

As for my verdict: does it stay put? Still tallying the results.

Clearly with all this winning I’m doing I should head for Vegas!