2013 Goals

Do more active things with other people. There are something I love doing alone. Like I preferring running solo than with a partner. But I’d really like to get more people involved in active things. There are two people in particular that I’d really like to encourage to get moving. I also mean this like I need to do things with other people to branch out, try new things and make new friends.

Try more recipes. I don’t want to set a timeline a specific number of recipes to try but I want to use my cookbooks more and try to come up with my own recipes maybe. I also want to try different eating styles, like prepare paleo meals, and vegetarian dishes. Branch out with my food. I think I’m going to join up with those What I Ate Wednesday posts from  Peas and Crayons!

Weigh myself less. Actually I want to weigh in only once a week on Sundays. This is to help with my obsession with the scale. The number on the scale is not the most important aspect of this journey.

Two specific goals.

Run two half marathons. I’m pretty excited about this, I’ve looked up training plans and picked out races. Its making me excited for spring to run again, or at least for the snow to melt and the temp to warm up. I’m working on creating my training schedule.

Get to goal weight. Although I do feel like the number on the scale isn’t the most important, I still want to finish this thing and get to my goal weight. I want to get there relatively quickly because I want to be at goal weight before I have baby.