2013 Healthy Goals

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve!

Somehow today I ended up being in recovery mood, but you know what I had so much fun last night I don’t even care!

This year for me is going to be about building habits. I don’t have a list of set goals I want to accomplish with little check boxes next to them. I have ideas of what I’d like to do but I think I’m going to have to take things day by day. Maybe make monthly goals.

So for right now my goals are:

Do more active things with other people. There are something I love doing alone. Like I preferring running solo than with a partner. But I’d really like to get more people involved in active things. There are two people in particular that I’d really like to encourage to get moving. I also mean this like I need to do things with other people to branch out, try new things and make new friends.

Try more recipes. I don’t want to set a timeline a specific number of recipes to try but I want to use my cookbooks more and try to come up with my own recipes maybe. I also want to try different eating styles, like prepare paleo meals, and vegetarian dishes. Branch out with my food. I think I’m going to join up with those What I Ate Wednesday posts from  Peas and Crayons!

Weigh myself less. Actually I want to weigh in only once a week on Sundays. This is to help with my obsession with the scale. The number on the scale is not the most important aspect of this journey.


I do have two specific goals.

Run two half marathons. I’m pretty excited about this, I’ve looked up training plans and picked out races. Its making me excited for spring to run again, or at least for the snow to melt and the temp to warm up.

Get to goal weight. Although I do feel like the number on the scale isn’t the most important, I still want to finish this thing and get to my goal weight. I want to get there relatively quickly because I want to be at goal weight before I have baby.

I’m looking forward to this year. I have some other things I’d like to do on a personal level to do with my home life, and career. I’ll touch on those topic later.



8 thoughts on “2013 Healthy Goals

  1. trikatykid

    What half marathons are you considering? I don’t have a scale anymore and I just want to focus on my fitness again. It’s so much more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if I weight once a week or once a year – I know how I feel and that number just creates more obsession! Good luck with it all!! :-)

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      I feel like if I keep counting calories and working out then it will work its self out and the scale wont matter. Technically I’m still 27 lbs overweight so I would like to get in to the healthy range.

      There is a half in my town in August. And there is also two in Wenatchee which is only about an hours drive from me. I’m trying to keep them close by because I really want to work on saving money this year!

      1. trikatykid

        Awesome! I wish you the best of luck!

        Re: calories – it’s not always a balance of calories in, calories out! Increase your protein and decrease your sugars (nothing drastic) and you should start to see some movement! I know, because I read your blog post, that you have a bit of an addiction to bread!

        I believe in you! Good luck!

  2. losingwithcooper

    I can’t believe about the half marathons! That’s so awesome! I wanna try to do a 5k. I know that’s soooo much shorter but I’ve never done a race ever! :) love your goals!

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      5k is great place to start! I started training for a half marathon last year but I was to stressed out, I ended up giving it up. So gotta do it this year!

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