Today Is Another Chance

Today was fun day.

It started with an amazing night of sleep. I basically passed out, that will happen when you wake up 4 am, work all day, then sweat it out for 2 hours.

I woke up feeling fan-freaking-tastic! Then Blake cooked me up some breakfast! And I taught him how to use a measure food with a measuring cup. He’s trying to track what he eats. Breakfast was hash browns, 1 egg, a banana, and a wheat English muffin with raspberry jam.

Then it was off to work for me. I skipped lunch because I wasn’t hungry. I did have a snack of two clementines, and vanilla yogurt with a little bit of granola on top. Plus an almond coffee. Dinner was Sweet n’ Spicy chicken which was recipe I found on a Pampered Chef leaflet and salad. We’ve been eating spring greens with every dinner.

I realized I’m not eating enough veggies. I basically only have them at dinner time…not good enough. So tonight I made a “hash” to eat with my breakfast, red potatoes, green pepper and onion. I figured I can eating with it  my eggs in the morning for the next few days.

Now I’ve convinced Blake to sweat it out with me using a Leslie Sansone walking DVD. And I’m going to do some arm work after that, I plan to share!

Oh and I took some pictures today of myself in my swimsuit, and I’m proud to say, I’m looking good! I can’t believe how great it felt to see me and think, “dang girl looking good!”


2 thoughts on “Today Is Another Chance

  1. Bella

    Liking what’s reflected back at you in the mirror is an amazing feeling, I’m sure. Another idea for getting in more veggies is to cut up your favorite raw veggies, like bell peppers or cucumbers, or sugar snap peas, and then have those for a snack. Either with low cal dip or hummus or even cottage cheese. It’s a great snack that can combine veggies and protein.

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