Friday Five First Of 2013 Edition

1. I’m so jealous of people who live near Lululemon! Every blogger out there is talking about that place, with their awesome workout gear and free yoga! The closest lulu to me is two hours away. I wouldn’t even know what lululemon was if it wasn’t for bloggers. Also I couldn’t even afford to look inside. Seriously, I bought all my workout pants on triple clearance at Walmart for $4.50. Bargain shopping!

2. Speaking of workout pants. Some of mine are larges and some are mediums. Now the larges are too big and so baggy in the front, I have to roll the waist band over!

3. I have a ton of blog posts in my head that I’d love to write. I need to get them typed up, pronto! Including one about my new Sportline heart rate monitor!


The top line is showing how many calories I burned the other day when I did a Bob DVD then a Jillian DVD back-to-back! My in laws got this for me at Christmas, I’m so thankful! I love seeing how many calories I burn during each workout.

4. I’ve got Blake hooked on vanilla Greek yogurt! It’s so funny, he’s first time having it was just the other day. Last night he asked me if we were having it again over and over.

5. I’m trying not to go grocery shopping until Monday, so our meals are going to get very creative over the weekend. Although, I did tell Blake I’ll make whatever he wants for dinner tomorrow because its his birthday! I hinted at pizza because he loves it and we have all the ingredients!

Happy Friday Friends!


One thought on “Friday Five First Of 2013 Edition

  1. Bella

    It’s been ages since I did a Friday 5, and your post inspired me to write one next week!

    Lululemon is the best! I can’t fit or afford their clothes, but I love that they offer the free yoga. The location near me also has a free run club that is really active. One of my good friends trained for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF with the club. We also have a Lululemon outlet not too far from me (45 minutes away), so I plan on going there as soon as I can fit into the clothes.

    That’s fantastic that you need new workout pants! Keep up the good work!

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