I Hate Sneezing!

This weekend was a whirlwind of birthdays, football and food. Plus me with a cold.

Saturday was Blake’s birthday! After work we quickly picked up the house, then headed over to his parent’s to visit for little bit then some friends came over for pizza and beer. I added a ton of veggies to a take n’ bake cheese pizza for a healthy an option. Plus a side of mixed greens.

spring greens

I found this clover in my spring green, is that normal? Mmmm….organic weeds.

The next morning we make breakfast for our friend that stayed over. Biscuits and gravy. Then we went to Blake’s parent’s house again to watch the Seahawks vs. Red Skins game. Go Hawks! I really don’t care about football, so I read and snacked. They made tiny tacos, taquitos, hot wings, potato skins, BBQ pork sliders and coconut shrimp. Of course everything was good and delicious, but I tried not to eat too much, I had one or two of each thing. I’m sure it was too much but it was better than 5 or 6 of everything. I also ate avocado mixed with salsa -my version of guac to add some good stuff.

By the time we got home I was exhausted from this cold. I finished my book, then frosted the cake I made for Blake, then to bed early.


Cherry chip cake (from a box) but I made white chocolate butter-cream for the frosting. He loves my frosting.

Today I’ve spent all stinking day sneezing. I hate it so much. And I ended up with a bloody nose. Ugh. We just got home from the grocery store with an expensive (tear), but healthy haul of delicious groceries. I’m going to work on blogging, and then get sweaty.



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  1. trikatykid

    Take it easy when you’re that sick! Sneezing means things are moving, so that’s good! Hope you’re feeling better. Line the inside of you nose with Burt’s Bees “ResQ Ointment” .. if you can handle it. Or lots of saline nasal spray! Hope you’re feeling better by now!

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