My Weekly Plans

Starting last week I preplanned my workouts in to my Google calendar which is synced to my phone. Then everyday I would get a reminder of my workout for the day. It was pretty cool, even though I didn’t stick to it perfectly.

This is a habit I want to start up because once I get into training for my half marathons and Bloomsday, it going to help me to remember what workout to do which day. It also helps me to see which days I need to workout before work. At the same time I’m only planning for one week at a time so that it doesn’t get overwhelming.

I’m also trying to plan out our meals.

Breakfasts: Overnight oats, eggs, Kashi Blueberry waffles
Lunches: leftovers

Tonight-Steak sandwiches with salad and baked sweet potato wedges
Tuesday: Crispy Parmesan Chicken Caesar salad
Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla soup
Thursday: Turkey Chowder from this Weight Watcher Cookbook
Friday: Chicken with Classic Roasted Vegetables also from Weight Watchers cookbook

I also want to make Cheesy Cauliflower puree from Carrots n’ Cake. Then I can have this with my leftovers for lunch with dinner if I want more to eat.

I’m looking forward to this week! Blake picked up a bunch of healthy stuff for himself too!


One thought on “My Weekly Plans

  1. trikatykid

    I need to write out a workout plan too! But I’m waiting to get serious *post-surgery, otherwise I just keep hitting speed bumps and I am tired of beating myself up over it! I never thought to use Google Calendar!

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