Relaxing Weekend

This was a pretty low key weekend, and after a week of being sick, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

After I wrote this post about my week, my best friend stopped by my work for a little chat. It was exactly what the doctor called for, I felt 5 million times better emotionally. I have been super stressed about our finances and I just needed to vent. And she agreed to go on the little hike I planned the next day.

Saturday started with Overnight Oats, of course, its my go-to breakfast for weekends because I leave the house 5:30 in the morning.


My favorite part is the granola on top. This week I got a new kind of berries for on top, I can’t decide if I like them better or not. Typically I just use frozen blueberries, I just really love blueberries


After work, Kate and I got super bundled-up for hike up Beezly. Even lots of layers wasn’t enough to keep us warm in the 25 degree weather.

IMG_2924The wind was killer, and the trail road was a sheet of ice, but we had fun. Sadly, my heart rate monitor couldn’t handle the cold, so I didn’t get an accurate reading for my calorie burn. It took us about an hour to get up and back down, I think its a little under 3 miles. With the ice we had to go pretty slow.

Thankfully, I have access to hot coffee. which we promptly used to warm up!

A few hours later I found myself at home, needing to workout. I told myself that I needed to at least do the 30 Day Shred. I did Level 1, and feeling pretty good afterward so I did Level 2 of the Shred It With Weights. Moments later I passed out dead on the couch.


Actually, it felt really good, and I burned over 700 calories in less than an hour!

Then Blake and I ordered pizza for dinner.


A small Garden Pizza from Papa John’s. Also today’s lunch.

A perfect, Saturday.

This morning, I managed to leave without my breakfast or lunch. So I had to make an impromptu stop at the grocery store. For breakfast, I had a Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl with turkey sausage, eggs white, potatoes, and cheese. I also bought a chicken wrap, but I was disappointed to find that it was just chicken and sauce in a spinach wrap. Luckily, Blake brought me leftover pizza, and I saved the wrap. I can just stuff it full of veggies and have it tomorrow.

After work I met Blake at his parent’s house and hung out for a few hours where we ate more delicious wings just like last weekend. So that was dinner. And we are sad that the Seahawks lost! Well, not really, I don’t care about football whatsoever, so doesn’t matter to me. Now that football is over maybe there will be fewer chicken wings flaunted in my face!

I’m taking today as a rest day, although I’m not very happy about it. My shoulder started hurting at the beginning of the week, and its gotten worse as the week went on, so I’m seeing if resting it today will help.

Tomorrow, I have a ton of errands to run. yuck.

What did you do this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Relaxing Weekend

  1. towardshealthylife

    Your breakfast looks delicious, I makes me feel like looking for a low calorie granola recipe loll Thia week end I went ice fishing and did some cooking, nothing much finally, have a good week!:-)

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      The thought of ice fishing totally blows my mind!

      When I run out of granola I’m going to have to try to make my own, this one I’m using is a Bob Mills and I got it from one of the closeout stores for $2! Its lasted for months because I only it a 1/4 cup at at time!

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